We are a creative art space, platform and community that connect Art, Design, Hand Craftsmanship and People who appreciate the beauty of these.

NIDO ASIA art spaces are at the crossroads of the art world welcoming artists, art lovers and the curious crowd from all around the world.

NIDO ASIA has a transparent glass door, not separating inside and outside and having no boundaries, is open for creativity without limit on form and content. It expects to let more people appreciate art and the power of creation.

The slogan of NIDO ASIA is ART IS LOVE, and “nido” means nest in Italian, which means to incubate new life, new art, through love. To break the egg from outside, that is pressure; to break the egg from inside, that is vitality. This is the concept of NIDO ASIA, we seek and support art creation and bring art into daily life.

Whether it is aesthetic appreciation or the action itself of creation, everyone has creativity. We are tempted by different kinds of desires and forget to appreciate the beauty of artistic vitality. That’s why NIDO ASIA wants to sound a barbaric yawp on the river of art revolution by adopting the concept of resource crowdfunding to make different art projects take place in this free town art space. We are here to make art accessible to everyone!

We never limit ourselves with one definition. We are defined with infinite possibilities.